Spoon Theory Sim

Hello fellow gamer! Welcome to the brand new simulation game of Spoon Theory! For players who are unaware of Spoon Theory, it is a theory developed to explain a chronically ill person energy level. Each spoon represents a task, for example: Getting out of bed, eating, going to work, hanging out with friends, living life!(hover-style:(text-color:grey) + (text-style:'italic'))+(link:"!") [ Trying to keep the facade up.] However, for the chronically ill 1 spoon does not equal 1 task, as it might for someone more healthy. Now getting on to the game, you will simulate someone with a chronic illness. You only have 12 spoons to get through the day, end the day with at least 1 spoon and you win! The player only has to follow these three rules! 1. Don't let your character run out of spoons! 2. Take care of your character, feed them, wash them, make sure they are happy!(hover-style:(text-color:grey) + (text-style:'italic'))+(link:"!") [ The chronically ill are not a Tamagotchi, they are real people.] 3. Have fun!(hover-style:(text-color:grey) + (text-style:'italic'))+(link:"!") [ Suffer!] Let's get started! [[Time to make your character!->Choose Your Character]]